IT Security

IT Support

We tailor our IT support services to complement/replace your current IT resources. Therefore, you can trust us to help you boost your efficiency, increase your productivity and give you that competitive edge in your industry.


a) Managed IT


Here, we will proactively monitor and accurately diagnose…


your cloud, virtual and physical IT infrastructure on a 24/7 basis.


b) Complement Your Team


If you have a small IT team in-house, our flexible managed IT services will complement the staff to better meet your current and future Information Technology needs. Additionally, we will work with you to better understand your current IT estate and your aims and objectives. As an extension to your current IT department, we will supplement your expertise with the best on-demand IT services in the industry.


c) Proofed IT Strategies


We will also develop a roadmap to define your IT strategy to enable you achieve your goals faster. Additionally, we will provide you with great insights so that you can make better-informed business decisions while proactively managing your IT infrastructure.

IT Support

IT Security

Our managed IT security services match the latest technology with set industry standards and best practices. Our expert management will, therefore, guard your critical business data and IT infrastructure against all potential and actual security threats, viruses and malicious attacks.


Similarly, our highly trained, experienced and certified IT security team will handle the full-cycle management…


of all your current security systems to further boost your data and IT security and safety.


Our IT security service elements include:


a) Managed Firewall


Reduce costs and improve system security with our full-cycle managed firewall services




Beef up your IT system security with our leading IPS/IDS solutions


c) Strong Authentication


We will provide you with a secure, cost effective and easy to use enterprise level authentication system


d) Penetration Testing


Our solutions will protect your data and system infrastructure from all encrypted attacks


e) Vulnerability Scanning


We use market-leading technology to offer you on-demand IT vulnerability scanning


f) Log Management


Our comprehensive log management service will identify and thwart all malicious activity and unauthorised access

Network Mainenance

Network Maintenance

Our network maintenance services are second to none in the IT support industry. Stop losing sleep wondering whether the technology that runs your business is safe and working properly. Instead, rely on us to handle and deal with all your potential and actual IT support failures.


Our continuous IT and network maintenance support comes with the best:


– Email


– Help Desk


– Hosted Solutions


– Hosted VoIP


– Network Management


– Network Monitoring


– Offsite Backup


– Vendor Management


Our hosted and managed services also include proper application support, which covers application installation and quality update installation services. We also engage mission-critical and specialty application vendors to get you the best products available in the Network Management and Maintenance industries.


Additionally, you can rest assured that your networks will never go down on account of failures on our part. We use the most robust and trusted management systems in the industry, and constantly update them whenever there are new releases to reduce your downtime, increase your webpage load speeds, and always keep you online 24/7.

Cloud Services

Cloud Services

As a modern day business, cloud computing should represent a natural stage in the evolution of your IT services. We can help you to fully embrace the cloud and enjoy the many benefits it offers.


Our cloud service elements include:


– Big Data / Tiered storage


– Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity


– Hosted email


– Hosted virtual desktop solutions


– Offsite data replication


– Online Data Backup


– Private / Hybrid cloud


– Server consolidation through virtualisation


– Software as a service (SaaS) Office 365 and Google Apps, among others


What’s more, all our infrastructure design and cloud migration projects are directed by Microsoft-certified IT solutions experts.


Our technicians are fully certified and always happy to help with any issues that you may have.


We can provide industry leading broadband and VOIP services to keep your business connected.


Our experts can ensure that your office network environment perfectly fits your business needs.


We can collect and safely dispose of your unwanted computer hardware and electrical equipment.


We can contain and remove existing viruses and then protect your systems from any future threats.


We can upgrade your computer’s hardware configuration to get more from your existing systems.

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